Sazzad Hossain

Top 7 sector in Freelancing that’s are suitable for anyone.

1.Web Developer

If you’re qualified at building and coding website, you could be in business! Everyone wants their own webpage but they don’t have the skills or time to figure it out – this is where you step in with your experties and earn a decent salary while doing so.

2.Graphics Design

Graphics Design ranks at number two on UpWork’smost in demand skill list. You could be involved in designing webpages, infographics or designs for print. A portfolio is key in this area of expertise, too.

3.Game Developer

Are you a videogame fanatic? Then what’s better than building your own game and then getting to test, too? In order to be trusted, you’ll need prior experience before going at it alone.


This is one of the most popular choices for self-employed positions – and it’s quite easy to become a translator, providing that you’re fluent in two or more language. You’ll also need to make sure you have the correct certification for your country.

5.Voice Actor

If you have a distinctive voice, you could get paid to be a voice artist. This could involve adverts, TV shows, radio productions, tech companies or retail stores. As the working world is moving towards video advertising, voice actors are becoming even more in demand.


Copywriters are different from content marketers and writers. These freelancers specialise in writing content for website pages and descriptions for products and services. The charge rates for copywriters depend on each individual’s level of experience and skill.

7.SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist are high in demand in the freelance world – after all, everyone wants to rank highly on google and other search engines, don’t they? You’ll need to have a proven track record to get an influx of clients.