Sazzad Hossain

Freelancing vs Government Job

Which is better and more secure as a career? Government job or freelancing? Let’s try to understand the matter logically.

  1. It is not possible to get official status as a student but there is no barrier to freelancing.
  2. If graduation is complete – to study hard for at least one year to pass the government job exam. Even after one year of pursuit, only 1% of people get government jobs. This means that if you waste 1 year behind a government job, you have a 99 percent chance of not getting a job.
    But just like studying for a government job with hard attention, if you study for freelancing for 12 hours daily for only 3 months, you can learn to work at a highly skilled level.
  3. A government official initially gets a salary of only 30 to 40 thousand rupees. A freelancer cannot earn more than Rs 20,000 in the first few months. But if you gain experience and skill by doing small retail work for two-three months, you can get a permanent job in a big foreign company. The minimum wage for a permanent job is at least ১২ 1200 or about one lakh rupees. According to the American Celery Scale it is a very low salary. In our economic context it may seem like a much higher salary.
    After one year, the salary in any government job does not double, but if you work 12 hours a day and accept freelancing as your only job in life, then the salary doubles every 6 months. In other words, after one year, one can earn more than one lakh rupees per month. If you stick to it, the celery will continue to grow. He can earn more than 2 lakh rupees per month after 2 years. But you don’t just have to dream, you have to work tirelessly for 12 hours every day like a job, following the right guidelines.
  4. Job Security: No matter how secure the government job is, the job can go away due to political reasons or office politics or conspiracy but if you can work in freelancing, there will be no shortage of jobs if you have work skills and experience. If you leave a job, you can get another job with a good salary every day. Millions of companies from around 200 countries around the world provide freelancing jobs. So freelancing is more secure than government jobs.
  5. Pension: After completing the government job, you will get a lump sum of Rs 50 lakh and you will get a lifetime pension every month. Well, after 30 years, the value of 50 lakh rupees may not be equal to 5 lakh rupees. And what to do with 50 lakh rupees in the last age of life if you can’t fulfill hobbies in your youth. And if you open a pension scheme with a small amount of money every month, the bank will give you a lifetime pension at the end of your life, which will be more than the government pension.
    . Halal Earnings: In many cases, a government employee has to compromise in many cases, work against the conscience, suffer from guilt throughout his life. It can happen in all cases or in some cases not in everyone’s field. But in freelancing you can live your life with 100% honest halal income.
    . There are reports of people selling their last possessions in the race to get a government job and living a life of despair, but in freelancing you will never need a big uncle or a small uncle, you will never have to pay someone unjustly or illegally. Knowledge and skills are the first and last thing here.
  6. Social Respect: 5 years ago people did not understand about freelancing but now the government, printing media and electronic media encourage so much freelancing that now any common man knows about this profession and gives a freelancer the status of intellectual. Another thing is what is meant by the word freelancing when introducing oneself. “I work for an American company on the Internet,” he said. Anyone will understand that you are not ordinary but extraordinary.
  7. Social Contribution: A freelancer gets a lot of job offers when he is skilled and experienced. It is not possible to do so much work alone, so every senior freelancer hires 10/15 more people and works at a large corporate level. In this way, freelancers are making a huge contribution in solving the problem of unemployment.
  8. Will freelancing stop? Our online dependence is increasing day by day. Every day millions of companies around the world are working online without having to work directly in the office because it greatly reduces the cost of the company. Originally, foreign companies introduced this system to employ people of different denominations for less money. If freelancing stops, countless companies in developed countries will lose and close. Even if all the people in Bangladesh do freelancing, the jobs will not be reduced or the salary will not be reduced because the companies of about 200 countries give freelancing jobs and the amount of freelancing job opportunities created every year does not increase the number of freelancers. If 100 new posts are created, the number of freelancers will increase to 5. Freelancers are meant only for those who can work at a professional level. So the salary of freelancing is increasing day by day. Even 3 years ago where the income of freelancers was 5 to 6 thousand rupees at the beginning and now it is 20 thousand rupees. Guess the future yourself.